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Celi's Clubhouse, Thursday, October 21st, 2004

Look out "Bar Flies" here comes the "Army of Northern Virginia". The 'Army has closed to within 2 points of the "Bar Flies" for the 5th place position after a 62 point 2nd place finish last week. Of course the reason this is even possible (and not to diminish the 'Army's effort) is that "Shocker" tanked oh so badly and dropped themselves into 7th place 14 points behind Army.

1st place - 72 points - Out of the Vortex
2nd place - 62 Points - Army of Northern Virginia
3rd place - 61 Points - Quagland

Villa Nova West, Wednesday, October 20th, 2004

Well, here is the scoop after 8 weeks of the tournament. "Tangled Up In Booze" pretty much has 4th place to themselves (even Melanies birthday could not help them) and it now appears as if "M B Momma" will take home the 5th place prize as the 6th place team (currently) of "Shakin' Not Stirred" got hammered last week in their worst showing to date. 7th place "Rec-In-Crew" would have had a shot but instead they ran out the front door and collectively threw themselves in front of a trash truck. The true contest brews among the top 3 teams of "Papa-Q-Nee", "Out of the Vortex" and "Tuffies Toolbox". Farther back in the pack "We're No Angels" is 1 slim point behind the "Hawk Heads" for the 9th place (no money here) position.

1st place - 56 points - Tangled Up in Booze
2nd Place - 55 Points - Papa-Q-Nee
3rd Place - 54 points - Out of the Vortex

Villa Nova East, Tuesday, October 19th, 2004

After 8 weeks of the tournament "Out of the Vortex" has pretty much sewed this one up. With a 75 point lead they would have to collectively stay home and "Cheeky Monkey" would have to have a near perfect night. Possible? YES! Probable? You make the call. The true battles are for 2nd and 4th places. The aforementioned 'Monkey holds a 16 point lead over the brown truck people from "UPS" but the 4th place team of "JAG, Shag & the Binkster" hold only a 5 point lead over 5th place "Alabama Slammers" . It looks as if the feared "HAL 9000" will have to settle for the 6th place money position after a monstrous setback in week 8 last week.

  1st place - 68 points - Out of the Vortex
2nd Place - 62 Points - Cheeky Monkey
3rd Place - 58 Points - UPS

Celi's Clubhouse, Thursday, October 14th, 2004

Scoring corrections and challenges took center stage last week as "Lion King" and "Fantasia" did battle with "silver" and "gold" - You had to be there. I had to throw out Disney because Walt was too vague and "gold" was more valuable an answer as "silver" showed much more "resistance" to the truth. Good one, huh Paul. God I kill me sometimes. Well, enough of that. All scores have been adjusted and the numbers are now correct. Thanks, by the way, to both Paul and Keith for their expert analysis of the questions in dispute. Keep of the good work in maintaining a watchful eye, or is that ear. Anyhow, what all that means is that with 2 shows to go in the tournament is that the "Consultants" are closing in on "Out of the Vortex", "R & R" is holding steadfast in 3rd, "Ladies Night Out" is struggling to hold on to 4th, the "Bar Flies" and "Shocker" are 1 point apart for 5th and 6th and the "Army of Northern Virginia" continues it's march SOUTH.

1st place - 59 points - R & R
2nd place - 57 Points - Shocker
3rd place - 56 Points - The Consultants

Villa Nova West, Wednesday, October 13th, 2004

Another excellent night and "Tuffies Toolbox" is  under a full head of steam as they have clawed their way to within 2 points of 2nd place "Out of the Vortex" and 13 points of 1st place "Papa-Q-Nee". Meanwhile, way back in the pack is the "every now and then slightly threatening" 7th place team of "Rec-N-Crew". They are composed of  a bunch of "middle-agers" (like me) - well, then there is Randy also, who enjoy coming out just to have some fun and get hammered. No, not at drinking.........at trivia. Still they are only 29 points out of that 6th and final money position. Last week they were only 16 points back. Hey "Shakin' Not Stirred", don't look 1st place - 57 points - Tuffies Toolbox
2nd place - 52 points - Out of the Vortex
3rd place - 50 points - M B Momma

Villa Nova East, Tuesday, October 12th, 2004

After 7 weeks of the tournament "Out of the Vortex" continues to lead by a wide margin over the 2nd place team of "Cheeky Monkey" but it gets very interesting from there. The 'Monkey holds a slimming 12 point lead over the 3rd place team of "UPS". Yes I said 'UPS. "JAG, Shag and the Binkster" tanked for the 3rd straight week and they are hanging on to a narrow 6 and 7 point lead over the "Alabama Slammers" and "HAL 9000" respectively for the final money positions.

1st place - 54 points - UPS
2nd Place - 53 Points - Out of the Vortex
2nd Place - 53 Points - K Wadd Soop


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