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Trivia teams can be made up of anywhere from one to 99 members. They choose team names that reflect their philosophies, strategies and/or bizarre personality traits. Follow these links to find out everything you wanted to know (and some things that you didn't) about:

· The Anti-Funbags

· The Army of Northern Virginia/Assassins

· The Almighty

· The Arrogant Bastards

· The Barflies

· Bicephalic Monster (relocated)

· Bongo the Saber-toothed Crotch-Cricket

· Boondoggle Squid

· The Booze Hounds (see note below)

· Broken Lizard

· Brablock (relocated)

· Brain Waves

· The Brain-dead

· CF

· The Crabby Dicks

· Dead Bear Baby in a Jar

· Dirty Hole

· Duffer

· Duhhh/Nuts!

· The Earthtones

· The Electric Yellow Brain Bananas

· The Fighting Amish

· Flancrest Enterprises

· The Free Drink Whores

· The Funbags

· G-Man and Company

· The Gang of _____

· The Gumbas

· The Holy Hand Grenades (retired) 

· The Inevitable Winners

· Jim

· Juggle This!

· Lethal Amoebas

· Lost in Lancaster

· Love Palace Posse

· Mary & Ginny

· MJ & Jim

· Mountaineers Rule

· The Nameless Team

· Nothing But Babaganoosh

· The Nutsacks

· Out of the Vortex

· Parched Monkeys

· Pittstop

· Plebus

· The Pros from Dover

· RobsRants.net

· Semi-comatose Puppy Fetus in an Aluminum Foil Pocket

· The Shuttle Cocks

· Sly Language Scholars

· Stephen Hawking and the Handicapped-Accessible Temple of Doom

· Still Thinking

· Team Discovery Channel

· Team Happy Pants

· Team Shat

· Team Shot in the Dark

· Telstar

· The Toxic Olives

· The Tribunal

· The Unity ___?

· Unlikely to Win

· The Vile Seabass

= Team has attained a perfect score of eighty points.
(The Boozehound team had an 80 point score on Feb. 5, 2001, and on March 8, 2001, but were assisted by extra bonus points for bringing their parents.)

= Five teams all received a perfect score on one night, leading many to question the difficulty of the questions

NOTE: if you would like your team bio listed, please pick up a form at one of our trivia shows.

Where to Play

Team Bios

Photo Galleries




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