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Site sponor:

25 West King St., Lancaster, PA

"The best place in town for an overstuffed sandwich."

-C. Earth


New Additions:

Rock N Roll Heaven
Orlando's best bet for 12"s, 45s, LPs, CDs and cassettes of all genres.

Trivia Players' Sites:

Blog Day Afternoon

Jeff of the Inevitable Winners presents his site of "not so politically correct commentary."


No, it's not a porno site. This is Webmaster Mike's new gallery of his murals, finishes, artwork etc.

·KISSfiction: Living the Fantasy

Colette of Nothing but Babaganoosh, self-avowed "girl-next-door heavy metal novelist," lets us follow her as she begins her foray into the world of publishing. First up, her novel about the adventures of Suzanne Curtis (hmmm... where have we heard that name before?)

·Team Discovery Channel

J, lead Screaming Sonic Death Monkey of TDC & the SSDMs, designed this tribute to his teammates/permanent barstool fixtures.

·Life According to Lauren 101

Lauren of the Lethal Amoebas expounds on breweries in eastern Pennsylvania, the Orioles, her musical choices and her family (not necessarily listed in order of importance).

·Spooky's Mouse.com

Check out Tony of Team Shot in the Dark's website. You'll find daily original cartoons, some fine graphic design work, and many things feline (and canine).


·Damion Wolfe

Hailing from Virginia and now based in Baltimore, Damion Wolfe is a singer/songwriter and skilled percussive guitarist. What is a percussive guitarist, you might ask? Catch one of his extensive East Coast tours which run from Georgia to Massachusetts each month. His cover list of songs includes Counting Crows, Beatles, Crashtest Dummies, Stevie Wonder, STP, Matchbox 20, Bob Marley, etc., but it is his original compositions that set him apart from the rest. Lyrical confessions smothered in melody with a generous helping of talented fretwork penetrating the souls of all who gather. He's also a really nice guy.


·Bube's Brewery, Mount Joy

·General Sutter Inn, Lititz


Mark Thompsen

See examples of the artist's abstracts, digital art, landscapes and rock art.

Melissa Foxx

Melissa does her Newsthang radio show every weekday at the ungodly hour of 4 to 6 A.M. on Orlando's REAL Radio, WTKS-FM (104.1 F.M.) You can listen to a live feed of her show here.

David Smith

David is a consummate entertainer/juggler/contortionist/musician/comic and self-avowed professional freak who has to be seen to be believed. And he's even more bizarre than Chris Ivey (if that's possible).


Where to Play

Recent Winners

Team Bios

Photo Galleries

Hey, gang, please consider purchasing the Breast Cancer Awareness stamp from the USPS. Six cents from each stamp goes to cancer research.





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