Meet the Hosts!

Curtis Earth

With forays into singing, writing, ventriloquism, magic and as a professional DJ, Curtis Earth has always enjoyed entertaining. It was during one of his disc jockey stints that he accidently began his 20 plus year career as a Quiz Master. In 1993, while a disc jockey at a Holiday Inn lounge in Lancaster PA, he decided to ask some questions from a few Trivial Pursuit cards there were left behind on the DJ stand. (more...)

Mike Horn

I was playing Curtis' trivia shows in Lancaster in the late '90s as part of the legendary Nothing But Babaganoosh team when he asked if I could help him re-design his website. I later became his ghostwriter for an all-Simpsons trivia show, which I took over with co-host Chris McClure in 2002. That led to shows at Bube's Brewery in Mount Joy, the Lititz VFW and Cafe Chuckles (until it closed in Sept. of 2010) in Lancaster, PA.

During the day I'm a book preservationist and visual resources assistant at the library of F&M College. I design and maintain many other sites in addition to I'm a cartoonist and graphic designer and also do decorative painting and interior murals. (You can see my work at

My blog: Mike's Trashblog of Deelite

Kevin Frady

A native of North Carolina, I've worked in the entertainment industry for over twenty years professionally. From film and television to broadway national tours, to hosting live Super Bowl events my career has covered the gamut. I've always had a particular fondness for comedy and have pursued it regularly. Locally I'm performing with the SAK comedy lab. I really enjoy one-on-one live interaction with an audience which makes working with Earth Trivia very exciting for me. When you come see my shows hopefully that will be quite obvious. Look forward to seeing you there.

Rick Jorgensen

A former Giraffe Whisperer/Jazzercise instructor, Rick moved to Orlando in the mid '90s to pursue a career in music. He has been performing extensively throughout the Central Florida area for over ten years, and his experience with live performance makes him a perfect fit for hosting Earth Trivia. In his spare time he enjoys underwater basket-weaving and night-putting.


Many of you know DJ Di’s karaoke prowess. If you’ve ever done it, you’ve probably done it with her (wait, that came out wrong). But did you know she is a Trivia Mistress too? That’s right, she teamed up with The Master (you know who) a few years ago and found another fun way to entertain Central Florida! DJ Di’s forte is music, of course, so she found a way to infuse that vast music knowledge of hers into her Earth Trivia shows. She takes each question provided by Curtis and matches it to a song! So while you’re thinking, you may find a clue in the music she has selected! Oh, but wait…be warned, sometimes she’s a little devil and may play a song that may lead you astray! You will never know! Sometimes the music is just a little added fun, too! The more you play her game the more you will get to know how her twisted brain works!

DJ Di loves and is grateful for her partnership with Earth Trivia (she, too, had dreams of being a game show host) and it shows! So come see AND hear for yourself! Find her on Facebook or twitter for chance at bonus! Visit for links.

Damion Wolfe

Indie performing songwriter Damion Wolfe has been part of the musical side of the Earth Trivia family for many years. Now, in addition to his live performances, he is hosting three trivia shows in the D.C. area. Find out more about Damion's music ventures at, iTunes, Amazon, Emusic and any other of your favorite online music stores.

Photo by Suzanne Moe

Mike Lee

Radio Personality, Comedian, Trivia Host and all around great guy, Mike Lee brings 20 years of professional entertainment experience to every show. Mike is originally from Oklahoma but has lived in Florida for nearly 15 quit calling him an Okie! Book him for your private event via email at

Grant Lewis

Grant is a Central Florida native who began playing Earth Trivia Shows in 2011. He works for a nonprofit during the day and you can now catch him at an Earth Trivia Show as a host!


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