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Maui Jack's, Thursday, January 6th, 2005

Maui Jack's was aglow with mikes, tykes and dykes…that’s what I said! Brother Chris was playing poker with his card buddies. 2nd Poon was there in place of just plain ol Poon.  T-james, Han Solo, Team No Name, Terminators and Coast to Coast rounded out the mix.  Mr. Worthington brought the most hated of them all, Mondok!!!  (who didn’t seem to notice).

Game One
1st - Team No Name -  61 points
2nd - Coast to Coast - 57 points
3rd  - 2nd Poon - 54 points

Game Two
1st - 2nd Poon -  63 points
2nd - Oysters Make You Hot - 57 points
3rd  - Dykes Minus One - 51 points

The Loaded Hog, Wednesday, January 5th,  2005

Well, there was no sign of Put the Lotion in the Basket, you know how old teachers can be...that was supposed to be funny. Sharyn.   We did have a super-merging of giants,  like when Verizon merged with AT&T  or when IBM merged with Little Debbie Snack Cakes,  tonight we saw Fist in the Stink, merge with Long Live the Irish to BECOME, Fist in the IRISH !!!  Sweet feathery Jesus....I bet James Joyce is rolling in his grave right now. The Hummers spent some time telling me about how patient they were being with my music choices. Fast Times helped me to count to ten during the music round IN FACT that's right,  we did the first ever NAME THAT TUNE between games last night. Charley the 'narrow assed one'  coughed up a $10 gift certificate for the winners of this impromptu contest.  The 'Tune' contest ended in a tie between the Hummers and the It's a Damn Shame team. Little did Kevin Dubrow know, when he wrote "BANG YOUR HEAD," that it would be used as a tie-breaker song in the (somewhere in the) WORLD FAMOUS Curtis Earth Trivia show! Speedy Paul from Damn Shame eventually got the song in its final 3 bars of music. Mondok was there tonight as well and was hated.

Game One
1st - Fist in the Irish -  69 points
2nd –Two Amigos - 60 points
3rd  - Fast Times - 59 points

Game Two
1st - Fist in the Stink (the Irish left) -  67 points
2nd - I Hate Mondok - 66 points
3rd  - Pussy Cat Galore - 63 points

O'Doherty's Pub
- St. Cloud, Tuesday, Jan. 4th, 2005
Cack O'Doherty was nowhere to be found tonight, but that's ok, it was crowded enough without him.  I think St. Cloud is ready to shed their image of a ghost town with traffic lights and really start to swing, babeee. Indeed, people stay up as late as 10 pm to play my game show. We also played, as we do each week, the all music round of NAME THAT TUNE.  It was a good time. The Honeymooners really pulled through.  Team VJ,  wha happunned?

1st - The DEMS -  58 points
2nd - Honeymooners - 55 points
3rd  - Team VJ - 51 points

Maui Jack's, last show here for Monday,
Jan. 3rd , 2005
I want to thank those of you who have taken the time to tell that you enjoy reading these little blurbs from the previous night's performances. I was thinking for a long time that nobody cared and so I lost interest, but I am back for the long haul, thanks.  Hyndi and I talked candidly about our belief and disbelief in God and all its Judaic-Christine-isms.  It was awesome to have the Tom Terry Fan Club,  John from the Family team and Hyndi and Christine from the Hyndzilla team in house tonight.  They have made the pilgrammage that is THE FIRST SHOW OF THE NEW YEAR 2005  UH HUH!!!!!!  We had a group from Iowa who had the imp ression they were from Texas and so we decided to add country music as a soundtrack to the College football game that was airing. That..boys and girls was a run-off sentence.

1st - Tom Terry Fan Club (1st winning team in 2005) -  70 points
2nd – Y’all's Crazy  tied  with  Barry Manilow Ass Clowns (hyndzilla) - 64points
3rd  - She May Not Be Evander Holyfield but You Should See Her Box - 57 points

The Loaded Hog, Wednesday, December 29th, 2004

This has been a good month because it has brought back some of the faces that helped me to pioneer this game at the HOG. I started in January of 2002. People like Christine, Don P., Jamel, Kathy and Cruella, Gus W, Shawn R. and others have been back in town to visit the Earthman and the show that is synonymous with Wednesday night.  I thank you and everybody who has been a weekly part of this show for keeping it going. Fist in the Stink has been purposely excluding Tito in order to secure wins.  Apparently Tito has been a big help to the team, but also a bad luck charm, too. The Sexy Mofo's continue to yell out funny things at inappropriate times during the show. Fast Times know lots about Whiskey and the Cure.  Put the Lotion in the Basket, Get Lucky Girls (red sweater) and Thee Moops all hovered around the same scoring range and It's a DAMN SHAME and the HUMMERS continued their silent rivalry for second place. Jeniphur Major played a stinging hot set of originals that left us sweating and purged.  

Game One
1st - Fast Times -  60 points
2nd - TIE between Fist-n-Stink/Sexy MOFO's - 58 points
3rd  - Put the Lotion in the Basket - 57 points

Game Two
1st - Fist in the Stink -  72 points
2nd - It's a Damn Shame - 56 points
3rd - Haywood Jablomee - 58 points

O'Doherty's Pub (St. Cloud), Tuesday, Dec 28th, 2004

A right nice lot,­as they say in Dublin. Tonight's crowd was a fun one with a great appetite for good food and trivia. This night marked BASS ALE CUP WINNERS- FAST TIMES 4th trip from Orlando to St. Cloud just to play the game.­I asked Jack Fullbeard why he and his gang traveled such distance for my trivia show and he replied, "No no no, it's not your show we necessarily come for, it's the great­food and service offered by O'Doherty's.­Tonight we gave away a garment ?S║ok it's ­a tee shirt, from Stella Artois, our newest sponsor. ­The winner was the Smashing Pumpkins. ­Michael the manager talked about his burgeoning stage career and Soup Sandwich was the team that topped them all tonight. ­ We may be changing our Tuesday night at O'Doherty's to Sunday night at 7 pm. Stay tuned!

1st - Soup Sandwich - ­58 points
2nd TIE score between FAST TIMES and­the Winners - 57 points 3rd ­- O'Quinn - 53 points

Maui Jack's, Football Night, Monday, December 27th , 2004

Is this mic working? Are we on? Yes? Uh OK Folks, well it's been about 6 months since my last confession and I thought it was time to fire up the old BLURB machine again. I hope somebody is going to read this. Last night at Maui Jack's we had one of our final installments of Monday Night Football. Our reigning champion team of WE WIN AGAIN? did not show up for the first time since we started three months or so ago. That's all right, because Alisha and Donnie from the Maui Staff kicked butt with a commanding win. We all were a little somber about the passing of football great, Reggie White. Reggie had some controversial views on what social norms should be, but he was also a great humanitarian and helped many inner city children to realize their potential and follow their dreams. Thanks teams for showing up tonight, especially Sarah Wilkins from Kansas and her friend Curt with a C. Also the Goober girls and Chauncy the Webfooted Citrus Canker, who wasn't the least bit interested in my game or personal hygiene, for that matter.

1st - Maui's Losers - 29 points
2nd - Mavengers - 20 points
3rd - Co advantage - 18 points


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