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25 West King St., Lancaster, PA

"The best place in town for an overstuffed sandwich."

-C. Earth


Trivia teams can be made up of anywhere from one to 99 members. They choose team names that reflect their philosophies, strategies and/or bizarre personality traits. Follow these links to find out everything you wanted to know (and some things that you didn't) about:

· Altered Mental Status

· Below Me

· Bitch! Betta Have My Money! For details, see Fast Times

· Curtis Earth Angels and the Arc Angels

· Curtis Earth Is My Real Dad

· Digital Phunk Crew

· Fast Times

· The Green Goblins

· Medulla-ob-la-Forgotta

· Oh, Cannabis!

· Popeye the Scabie

· 70s Patch Trimmers

· Solum Dum Prae Oculis

· The Spoonmon Cometh

· Team Money$hot

· Tiempo Rapido - For details, see Fast Times

· Touched by an Uncle

· Uncle Gary's...

· The Underpants Gnomes

· Wonder Women


= Team has attained a perfect score of eighty points.

Where to Play

Recent Winners

Team Bios

Photo Galleries

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