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Curtis Earth

With forays into singing, writing, ventriloquism, magic and as a professional DJ, Curtis Earth has always enjoyed entertaining. It was during one of his disc jockey stints that he accidently began his 20 plus year career as a Quiz Master. In 1993, while a disc jockey at a Holiday Inn lounge in Lancaster PA, he decided to ask some questions from a few Trivial Pursuit cards there were left behind on the DJ stand. He started asking the questions, people started answering them enthusiastically and he knew he had something.

He formatted the Curtis Earth Trivia Game and has been hosting his show full time ever since. In 2002 he moved his show to Orlando FL. His quiz nights became the talk of the town among trivia fans and soon he was hosting his quiz 5 nights a week.

In 2003 he was chosen to provide a trivia database for Disney Cruise Lines. A Disney computer quiz game for families to play together. In 2004 he was asked by Clear Channel Radio to bring an hour long quiz segment each week to the Shannon Burke Show on 104.1 FM. The segment was a hit and lasted 4 years. When the Shannon Burke show ended he was then asked to keep his Quiz Friday segment for the hugely popular SBK LIVE show on the same station. He did for 3 years.

In 2008 Curtis Earth was chosen by as one of the “Best Slices of Life for Orlando”. In 2013 he was asked by radio personality Erica Lee, to provide her show with a Curtis Earth Question of the Day. In 2007 Curtis Earth was invited by the Orlando Sentinel to be their official Quiz Master and furnish them with a weekly interactive quiz for their online “Entertainment” section. He continues to be featured in the online Sentinel till this day.

Curtis was named Ambassador to the Orange County Library System in 2007 and has performed a number of shows at various library events. Curtis Earth Trivia is now performed in over 40 venues in three states and utilizes 15 quiz hosts. Curtis also takes his show on the road. So far this year, he has hosted in Brooklyn N.Y., Washington D.C. and Bedford, N.H..

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