Out of the Vortex

Way back in the mid-90s, many thousands of years ago at the Holiday Inn East, the origins of Curtis Earth Trivia, Out of the Vortex spun off recklessly from Team Timberline and we've been out of control ever since. Original team members were Marjorie (still playing) and Bill (now a wacky but friendly trivia host in his own right). The team plays regularly at various venues in Pennsylvania (and occasionally Flordia) and consists of various combinations of the following members: Billy, Cathleen, Darla, Dave, Frank, Joel, Marjorie, Scott A., Scott S., Sharon, and Stan.

Our major adversaries are the Barflies (a.k.a. barf-lies) and Broken Lizard. Often in contention for the top spots, we occasionally like to lull our opponents into a false sense of security by losing pitifully.

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