The Stone Cutters

Jim Carl, Kevin Gebhard, Wendy Kautz and Erica Farmer

After finding about trivia and $2 drafts accidentally one night after work, Wendy recruited various family members and co-workers to play. Some have come and gone from the team, but the core four remain. We've been regulars for almost two years now, yet have never tasted victory. After many strong starts, the third round always proves fatal. We always enjoy finding out the weekly variations of team names for the Nutsacks and Dead Bear Baby in a Jar, yet constantly wish they would not win with such regularity. Maybe with more TV watching, globe studying and committing to memory useless knowledge, we will prevail!

Favorite questions:
Simpsons - Jim's a master at this one.

Least favorite:
Sports-related and "younger crowd"-geared, ie Fraggle Rock.

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