The Spoonmon Cometh

Team Members: Brian "Spoonmon" Spoon and Joe "Dakota" Domich

Team Motto: The Dish ran away with the SPOON!

Favorite Song: Spoonman by Sound Garden

Favorite Foods: Anything eaten with a SPOON!

Favorite position: The SPOON!

The Spoonmon Cometh is a group of practicing Epicureans. We believe we should eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we may die. We also enjoy taking money from Curtis, hopefully on a constant basis. Cutis should also thank us for not winning 10 in a row and making him shave his head. Hey Curtis, You are welcome, by the way! After we won the first $100 we went into hibernation. Be on the lookout though, because you never know when the Spoonmon Will Cometh Again!!

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