Solum Dum Prae Oculis

(trans. ‘Only God Before Their Eyes’) Alias: The Simpson Trivia Empire (or something Simpson related)

Brief History: Our team’s nucleus had its origins in working at Wal-Mart and hanging out at Hooters. After winning at Hooters trivia for almost two years straight, they changed the night of trivia on us because we drove away the competition. Hence, we’ve expanded our domain and we are in the process of taking over the trivia world.

Rivals: Ourselves. We often split up our team just to make it fair.

Team members:
A paradoxical combination of Christian-school education and radical thought, his specialities are those rare Bible and mathematics questions.

The ace up our team’s sleeve, he comes up with answers to the tough ones no one else can.

Our trivia workhorse, he gets so many right it almost becomes like background noise.

She helps keep us from being an all-sausage team. She’s great at the artsy questions.

The Puerto Rican Einstein. He has five bachelor’s degrees, and he has tossed all those diplomas on his floor.

Our team’s other workhorse, this guy is money on literature, history, and all but the most recent films.

Our team techie, he’s part of the team’s thinking corner.

A gifted intellect, she is especially good at geography and pop culture questions.

aka. ‘Dick Bandit’ and ‘The Pussy Crook’ he only shows up when he is not laying pipe.

Mrs. Vanderslice
The team matriarch, she is a wordsmith extraordinaire.

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