Curtis Earth Is My Real Dad

Comprised Of: John, Bill, Brendan, and possibly others.

Theme Song: Jimmy Buffet's "Get Drunk and Screw" (If it wasn't for this song our team would never exist)

During the 1970's, Curtis fathered three known, illegitimate children. These three young men grew up without a father and without even knowing they had brothers. In the late 1990's, these three men crossed paths in Orlando, FL. Everyone saw a resemblence between them, but it wasn't possible that we were related. After all, they had never met until now.

By the year 2002, the three young men had grown close. One night when hanging out at there favorite bar (Devaney's), in walked the man they thought they'd never meet. Curtis was the spitting image of all three men combined. It was a sure match. After chatting over a few beers, Curtis confessed that he got around in his younger years.

It is now our mission to keep our familiy together and to find out if there are any others that were fathered by Mr. Earth. Although Curtis claims that there are no others, it is rumored that there could possibly be a total of 99 little Curtises out there. We will find the truth.

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