Popeye the Scabie

Popeye the Scabie was born out of a fascination for pus infected sores. Our team vegetable is Spinach -what else? We have been playing for a few weeks and are determined to be the most winning, yet most environmentally conscious team. Yes, we do recycle.

Richard. AKA Dick
Richard is a patriot , fire-arm enthusiast and a brewer, much like Sam Adams. He knows his barley & hops (if that will every be a question for trivia night). He has recently shaved his head in respect for bald men everywhere. Unfortunately, that has not improved our team's score. Richard spends his evenings at bars hoping to meet that someone who likes long walks on the beach and has the ability to clean his piece (we are talking about his firearm -sicko!)

We are so pleased to have Mike on the team as he is a six time Elimidate winner as well as a '96 Bronze medallist in Competition Flatulence. Mike is not all looks, in fact, he enjoys spending time debating astrophysics with other baseball fans (note: not an Astros fan).

James brings the emotional charge to the team. He is a political refugee from Paraguay. His resume boasts a successful attempt to capture Manuel Noriega. James may be throwing in his hat to run for governor of California. He is married to Megan (see below). Otherwise, he enjoys spending time deep in thought about his ABCs and 123s. What is the meaning of it all?

Kevin is a free spirit. A poet and a philosopher, a jackass and a pervert; he is the wandering pizza delivery guy inside us all. Growing up in a small hippie commune just outside San Francisco, Kevin solved many crimes and committed countless others with his ragtag group of teenage vigilantes known as the " Babysitters Club." The past few years have seen Kevin relocate to the Cuban center of Miami  in an effort to infuse some rhythm and dancing prowess into his "too white for 'Soul Train’" genes. He enjoys all the same things a normal red-blooded 28 year old sex machine enjoys:  reruns of "The Golden Girls," eating prunes and checking the saturation index of the myriad brands of adult diapers on the market. Right now Kevin has posted his personal ad for that someone special on www.chubbychasers.com. His ideal mate is someone whose hobbies include yachting, growing organic vegetables, answering "Soldier of Fortune” want ads and fudge. Also he sometimes wears too-tight Speedos and frightens the women at the local public swimming pool. And, lastly, the team's muse...Megan
You may remember her from the 80's sitcom "Blossom," where she played the title character. Megan avoided many requests to appear on "Celebrity Boxing," even though she really wanted to kick Gary Coleman's $#*&. She is the resident expert on rap music, spider monkeys and sewing.Part time members
Ben & Kelly are married -they come to the bar together and they leave the bar together. They discuss their answers together in a highly stylized love dance. Ben prefers questions involving golf and tropical storms while Kelly is an expert on bad television.

Our mascot: Greta, the soccer-playing dog.

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