The Nutsacks

*Shannon and Heather Coughlin
*Andy and Joanne Park or "Mama Sack"
*Josiah Icognito
*"A.K." or "Papa Sack"
Mary McDonagh
Sergeant Stroup
Dennis Gingrich
Ronald Ludwick
* - indicates our core group

We met in Vegas, the women were members of the Rockettes and the men were from Chippendales. Seriously though, the idea to come to Mount Joy from Harrisburg was born when Nutsack's founders, Josiah Ludwick and Sgt. Stroup, were thoroughly bored with our post-college lives. We came to trivia for the first time in October of 2002. It caught on with a few of our friends and Tuesday trivia night became a part of our weekly schedules. We started by coming up with super-witty, random nicknames each week, but found that we had no identity, other than "those obnoxious guys in the balcony."

One week, near Christmas, we tried to come up with a Christmas-themed name. All of a sudden out of nowhere, now trivia regular Shannon says "Why don't we be 'Rudolph's Nutsack'?" We all instantly agreed. The name was received with so much laughter that we decided to put the term "Nutsack" into every team name from that day forward. Thus, names like "How Stella Got Her Nutsack" and "My Big Fat Greek Nutsack" were born. We have a well-documented rivalry with the Toxic Olives and our most bitter adversary "Team Discovery Channel." We also have formed the ultimate obnoxious alliance between us and "Dead Bear Baby in a Jar."

No animals were harmed in the production of this bio. If you don't like us, "YOU SUCK! Resistance is Futile! You will be assimilated into the Nutsack Collective!!!"

Team theme song:
"Big Balls" - AC/DC

Favorite trivia questions:
Sports, music. movie, Bible, Mike's mom, words like Balls, sack, nuts or shaft

Least favorite:
Questions we don't know the answers to, anything Discovery Channel knows about that we don't, hockey

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