Margo's Back

Margo's Back is a friendly group of alcoholics who
have accepted their fate and have decided to look at
the world through the bottom of a bottle. After six
months on hiatus (not rehab - just gallivanting the
globe in pursuit of the ideal beer and a little sushi)
Margo's Back has triumphantly returned to the Loaded
Hog and Curtis Earth Trivia and has accomplished the
unthinkable, the perfect score. Margo's Back has
spent a great deal of money and time eliminating
unproductive brain cells through an international
"Carnival" of drinking and reveling.

We are a warm lot of sots that enjoy puppies, long
walks (or a short stagger), easy access front clasp
push-up bras (boobies uuuuuuuuuhhh) and if you catch
the clan in a surly mood a good snap fight.

Team Members:
Margo "Can't get off her back"
Cory "Love in my pocket"
Molly "finally my own place"
Jess " One's the chance"
Danny "Cucumber"
Linda "Loves Lace"
Scott "Shoots the O juice"
Shannon "Irish eyes"
Jenna "I don't feel tardy"

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