The Underpants Gnomes

The first Gnomes started out as Mrs. Jones' Wrecking Crew and we play at Friendly Confines on Tuesday nights and on Thursday nights at Liquid Cellar (We always stay for both sessions). Before long the name had to be changed; we had some trial but mostly error names like Colonel Lingus, Boondock Saints, etc. We soon settled on the name The Underpants Gnomes - A team of working UCF college students trying to make a whole lot of profit by stealing underpants.

Team Motto:
Step one: steal underpants.
Step two: ???????
Step three: Make a lot of profit.

Erin- Our fearless leader, a.k.a. The Chief, a.k.a. Captain. We don't really know what her specialty is, but she Loves to go to trivia. She is a Oboe player on the way to the University of Cincinnati for graduate school., but you couldn't tell from her doctor's penmanship.

Auntuell- Nacho, a.k.a. The Answer Sheet Nazi. He seems to think that we can't win unless he is writing the answers. He is very superstitious and needs everything to be the same every game; even when we lose. Go figure. Much like the rest of the team, he has no specialty, but knows a little about a lot.

John- Mr. UPS, a.k.a The Team Bartender. We think he is an alcoholic, but we love him too much to tell him. His specialty is sappy love movies on Lifetime and WE and he cried in Phenomenon. (Don't ask).

Tianna- Mrs. Diva, a.k.a. I Am Putting My Foot Down. She is the reason why the name hasn't been changed. She takes all the fun out of creative name changes. She always threatens to steal Nacho's answer sheet. She specializes in word jumbles and don't mess with her or "she'll put her foot down."

Josh- Brewer, a.k.a. Mr. Baseball. He can name players from college teams you haven't heard of and, since he is a history major, he has all that covered as well. He is also John's drinking partner.

Lorena- Logo, a.k.a. " I Told You So. " For some reason she always has the answers for the previous round right, Just too bad; she wasn't sure of herself when we needed them. Pop culture is her favorite subject.

Justin- McGill, a.k.a. The Brain, a.k.a. Mr. Third Round. He knows everything, especially in the third round. Although he is usually late he helps to pull us through in the end. He can draw the United States from memory, and tell you all the presidents and their opponents for the last 15 elections. Just try and test him.

Supporting Cast:
Eric Vaughn-jumbles he's got, but nothing about pop culture
Eric Hart- Lorena's significant other, Where's Harto?
Justin Miller- Jumbles are his life, math makes him tick
Aubrey- fav. words "trust me," but usually he's wrong
Morgan- seen, but not heard
Becky- You can hear her laugh from here
Lauren- Made it to one session, so we give her props
Jenna- almost made it to trivia once
Sheri- Don't mess with this lil fire ant
Carey- A fill in sports guys, helped us win a few

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