The Gang of ______

The Gang Of (insert number of people who show up) has been part of the Trivia circuit since its early days at the Holiday Inn, where Curtis developed the format he's been fine-tuning ever since. It started as a story assignment for BarFly Monthly (since renamed Fly Magazine), so we first appeared as Team BarFly. The Gang Of was born shortly thereafter, when the Fly group dropped out. We have played as The Gang Of One, and as The Gang Of Twelve, but are usually somewhere in between. We once placed a very close second playing as The Gang Of Zero.

The Gang Of possesses amazing superpowers, which we use only for good or occasionally to score a really good parking spot at the mall. We are exempt from several of the more annoying laws of physics; however, as we age, we find it now takes two and sometimes even three bounds to leap a really tall building. On good nights, we score higher thanks to our knack for travelling through time to research the tough questions. We invented penicillin, we gave Al Gore the idea to create the Internet, we always pick up after our pets, and we never forget Mother's Day.

The Gang Of has changed cast members over the years, but we're basically a loose-knit group of folks whose only common bonds are a love of beer, a penchant for taking tests, a hatred of staring contests and a high tolerance of Curtis and his damned monkey. Our members have included a free-lance journalist, a bunch of people who sell plants, an admitted lawyer, an exotic dancer, a computer programmer, assorted spouses, lovers and offspring, and occasional guests from out of town who have nothing else to do on a given weeknight.

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