The Fool Monkey

Core players: John Haser, Charles Scharnberger

Occasional other players: Cathy Molitoris, Marty Molitoris, David Molitoris, Mike Vitale, Amy Scharnberger, Bethena Haser

We've been playing for about two years. The first night we played, there was a full moon, which inspired the name "The Full Monty." Gradually, that morphed into "The Fool Monkey."

Charles's son Bob was best friends with John in high school and beyond. Cathy and Marty are Charles's daughter and son-in-law. David is Marty's brother, Mike is another high school friend of Bob and John, Amy is Charles's daughter and Bethena is John's wife. (Bethena doesn't get to join us very often since the birth of Hanna.)

Arch rivals:
Probably the Toxic Olives.

Favorite questions:
Classic academic topics, such as geography, history and science.

Least favorite:
Pop culture, especially music, although the occasional players help a lot here

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