Members (in photo from left to right):


Ant - Science and general knowledge. They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, well, he's a danger, and not just when it comes to remembering names. Knows less than jack about sports

Sherry - Entertainment goddess. When not getting autographs with the stars, she's getting their photos

.John - Science and entertainment. Sure he might have some answers, but ask him what happened yesterday. It's a really cool blank expression. Sports? What's that?

Justine – The go to girl for “SPORTS”. Can fill you in on Pop Culture and is not just another pretty face she’s smart too!! She is also the youngest team member.


Phil - Music, movies, science, and anything but sports. Philled with lots of trivia. Makes him feel smart, but we know the truth.

Stacy- Is Queen!! Is there really anything else to say??

Carol – Can you say “Worrrrrrrrd Jumble”?

Jack - Spelling and history. Ok, he knows other things, but we don't let him know that. Knows jack about sports.

Other members (not pictured):
Sarah (one of many)
And any waitress, or hostess, that is feeling kind to us the day of the game.

Tommy Anne's Boyz and those pink-shirted broads.

Other comments:
Good thing these guys play at a sports bar. Mess with them and there's a Tenacious D song with your name on it.

Group song:
We'll never know because when they do win, they never have it on them.

Bitch! Betta Have My Money! and Tiempo Rapido

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