Curtis Earth Angels and the Arc Angels

Team Song: "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper

Team Drink: Yes

Team Captains: Jackie "The Lips" Angel
   Loreen "The Eyes" Angel
   Solange "So ooooh" Angel

Other Angels assemble for this noble pursuit of trivia week after week and the result is a stunningly beautiful bouquet of Brainstorming.

Here is the Team Poem....
A Perfect 10 is not our team name
though it is how we'd like to play the game.
"Princesses" whispered Solange our team queen
"with this point we'll win" She'd gleam.

True stress is the fateful Juice round,
we can stomp the others into the ground.
Curtis, we begged, no more hockey
and at Slingapours we had too much Sake'.

Taking prisoners only if they're cute,
"How about that one in the suit?"
Another round of drinks, ladies,
but not for Jackie,
She had her share for the year last night
She got quite Wacky©.

"Ladies, concentrate on the trivia!"
Stop chattering into oblivia"
Such a taskmaster that team queen
only $50 on which she's keen.

Corruption brewing by a rendezvous?
Get some answers, at least a few.
We are Curtis Earth Angels, y'know
Not just some Joe Dakota Shmoe.

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©2005 Curtis Earth Enterprises