Dead Bear Baby in a Jar

Jason (comedy writer)
Adam (owner of pen)
Kristi (ladyfriend of Bailey)
Mike (owned by Brooke)
Jen (socialite)
Dan (deceased)
Bryan (AKA Baby Shoes)
Gail (AKA Dan)

We believe in One Jar
The holder, the containment unit,
Keeper of the Dead Bear Baby;
Of all that is, trivia and not trivia knowledge.

We believe in one Dead Bear Baby in a Jar,
The true ruler of the Balcony,
Eternally heckling the trivia host,
Joke for joke, laugh for laugh,
Truly funny for truly funny;
Begotten, not made
From a truly awful trivia team.

Through Team Sars Dead Bear Baby in a Jar was made,
For 30 bucks and bragging rights.
We drive from York.
By the knowledge of useless facts
We became 27 time gift certificate winners,
And had some beers paid for.

For your sake we sometimes have one too many beers;
Allowing other teams to win.

On the next Tuesday we will be back again
In accordance with playing time.
We ascend into the Balcony
And are seated in a prime heckling site.
We will shout stuff again to judge other teams
And the night will seem to have no end.

We believe in Dead Bear Baby in a Jar,
The symbol of our team,
Who soaks in formaldehyde.
With beer in hand, questions are answered.
The third round is all that really matters.
We believe Bube's Brewery is the Wrigley Field of Trivia;
We acknowledge one trivia host, Mike Horn;
We look for our name to be read,
And to collect a gift certificate.


Team theme songs:
"Steak for Chicken" - Moldy Peaches
"Rainbow Connection" - Kermit the Frog (from The Muppet Movie)
"People Are Sh*t" - Slipknot (Iowa)

Favorite trivia questions:
Any questions about our sex organs and what tricks they can do

Least favorite:
Names of hermaphroditic porns, show tunes, Liza Minelli, the 4 Horsemen of Queer (Bolton, Kenny G, John Tesh and Yanni), EMO songs and unicorns.

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