Oh, Cannabis!

Team Mascot: Towelie

Team Theme Song: "Rainy Day Women #12 & #35"

Team Members:
Stacy Pollock
Monica Stone
John Wagaman
Luis Zapata

Team History:
We are a team of Canadian citizens stricken with glaucoma, and cannabis is our only relief from this horrible disease. We have come to the United States "incognito" trying to escape the persecution of the Canadian government. We have found a home with the "Curtis Earth Trivia" community where we have met others suffering similar persecution, and we enjoy an occasional game of trivia, when our glaucoma symptoms temporarily subside.

Team Motto: "Pass the Cheetos."

Favorite Movies: Anything with Cheech & Chong

Favorite Songs:
"Don't Bogart That Joint" -Little Feat
"Up In Smoke" -The Band
"Hits From The Bong" -Cypress Hill
"Smoke Two Joints" -Sublime

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