The Lethal Amoebas

Just when you thought the trivial mitoses had stopped the lethal amoebas return to the trivial fray in almost unrecognizable form except for the two original amoebas, Lorraine (Marchesa de Mensa) Maxwell and trivial husband Jay the Grand Exalted Imperialistic Omnipotent Stomper Barry. Joining the amoebas is Phil, better known as "Carson Demord Weaver" and wife Steph, "what do you mean I can’t use my list?" Weaver. The Lethal Amoebas bring many things to the trivia arena including Lorraine’s ability to write left handed and breathe simultaneously, Jay’s seemingly unquenchable thirst, Phil’s ability to write left handed that only he can read and Steph’s ability to make lists of potentially wrong trivia answers that we can’t use. Recently Phil and Steph brought Tim and Jen to the team so we are mitosing again. Tim seems smart which may come in handy and Jen seems really quiet. We’re keeping an eye on her.

Team motto: my hovercraft is full of eels.

Theme Song: “The Royal Scam”

Favorite Question: Billy Warmth, how could you forget about doing it in the closet?

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