Team Biographies - Florida

For PA bios, see below

Trivia teams choose team names that reflect their philosophies, strategies and/or bizarre personality traits. Follow these links to find out everything you wanted to know (and some things that you didn't) about:

· Altered Mental Status

· Below Me

· Bitch! Betta Have My Money! For details, see Fast Times

· Chik-Fil-Atio

· Council of Beavertown

· Curtis Earth Angels and the Arc Angels

· Curtis Earth Is My Real Dad

· The Dead Naked Space Cowboys

· Fast Times
· The Golden Gophers
· I Thought Linoleum Was a Drug
· Margo's Back
· Master Debators
· Mike's A Chef
· The Muffin Tops
· Oh, Cannabis!

· Popeye the Scabie
· Possum, The Other Pink Meat

· 70s Patch Trimmers
· So Darned Clever

· Solum Dum Prae Oculis

· The Spoonmon Cometh

· Tokyo X

· Touched by an Uncle

· The Underpants Gnomes

(= indicates that the team has attained a perfect score.)

Team Biographies - Pennsylvania

· The Army of Northern Virginia/Assassins

· The Arrogant Bastards

· The Barflies

· Bicephalic Monster (relocated)

· Bongo the Saber-toothed Crotch-Cricket

· Brablock (relocated)

· The Crabby Dicks

· Dead Bear Baby in a Jar

· The Fool Monkey

· The Gang of _____

· The Lethal Amoebas (The Amoebas also hold the distinction of being the only team to have a perfect score and still lose the game, after failing to beat Billy the Lidless in a stare-off tie-breaker.)

· Nothing But Babaganoosh

· The Nutsacks

· Out of the Vortex

· Semi-comatose Puppy Fetus in an Aluminum Foil Pocket

· The Shuttle Cocks

· Stephen Hawking and the Handicapped-Accessible Temple of Doom

· The Stone Cutters

· Team Discovery Channel

· The Toxic Olives

= Five teams all received a perfect score on one night, leading many to question the difficulty of the questions

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