What's It All About?

Earth Trivia is team trivia at its finest. It's currently played at a variety of restaurants, bars and clubs in beautiful Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and in the Orlando, Florida area. Contestants can play solo, or with a team of their friends. The average team size is 3.75 (we can get a booster seat for that fractional person).

The game is divided into rounds of ten questions each. Questions can be about anything under the sun: movies, music, TV, science, sports, geography, word jumbles, identify the pictures, spelling questions and tons more! Teams are given answer sheets to record their responses. In the first round, correct answers are worth one point each. The sheets are then collected, the scores tallied and the leaders are announced. More rounds follow, with the difficulty levels and point values increasing.

Prizes (usually gift certificates to the restaurant) are awarded to the top teams at the end of the game. In the event of a tie, we have many different tie-breaking devices. Featured in the past: Don't Break the Ice, Battling Tops, Captain Jack the finger-chomping alligator and good old-fashioned staring contests.

Our shows are big draws for increasing your business. We can tailor the game to fit your time slot (for example, a one-hour game for Happy Hour, or two 2-hour games to fill your entire evening.) We are also available for corporate parties and charity events. For more information, please see our Contact and Booking page.


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